Advocacy Project

The Young City Growers – Advocacy Project is focused on working with local municipalities, agencies, schools, organizations and multi-faith institutions to raise awareness, public resources, and policy support for urban farming initiatives that engage diverse youth. Our work involves facilitating youth-led advocacy initiatives including youth-led community forums, social media mobilization, mural art advocacy, educational workshops and partnership building that increases support for youth-led urban agriculture in the Waterloo Region.

Join the conversation by attending our upcoming Young City Growers Forum!



Young City Growers is recruiting volunteer Food Justice Advocates as part of our Young City Grower – Advocacy Project. Young City Growers – Food Justice Advocates are invited to participate in programming activities associated with the Young City Growers Youth Internship Program. Activities will include attending meetings held in Downtown Kitchener that involve learning about urban agriculture, training sessions, mural art advocacy, event planning and social media advocacy, developing relationships with local organizations, faith institutions, and policy groups.


Last summer through our partnership with Global Youth Volunteer Network and the support of the Canada Summer Jobs Program, Young City Growers had the privilege of working with local students Kaelyn and Stephenie of Global Youth Volunteer Network who created two student garden plots and helped launch The Sustainable Student Blog! We are excited for more great local partnership opportunities!


As part of our Young City Growers – Advocacy Project we are interested promoting the interconnectedness between faith, spirituality and environmental stewardship.  We also believe that various urban faith-based institutions have an important role to play in supporting the local food justice movement.  This year we are seeking opportunities to strengthen partnerships with local faith-based institutions through internships, research projects, collaborative action, or land sharing opportunities.  For more information CLICK HERE. To express interest, please contact YCG – Advocacy Project Volunteer Justin Radstake at


We are excited to announce that with the support of the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation and the Kitchener Waterloo United Way – Newcomer Partnership Grant that this year we will be launching the Processing Local Food Initiative.  The Processing Local Food initiative will involve a series of knowledge sharing workshops that introduce healthy canning, preserving and cooking practices to members of our YCG network and the local community.  Check this page for further details as they become available!

To express interest in the YCG Advocacy Project contact us at

The Young City Growers – Advocacy Project is funded by:

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